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Hot fill beverage production.







Quality Control Inspectors on the production floor.

Science and Flavor

RESEARCH. Our scientific team formulate products based on good science and up-to-date research. This service, including  documentation, is free of charge for customers.


CLINICAL TRIALS. We are affiliated with a research institute that can design and carry out clinical trials for your product for a reasonable fee.


FLAVORS. Flavor chemists will help you get a great-tasting chewable tablet, powder or beverage.


PACKAGING. Choose from bottles, boxes, stick packs, pouches, blister sheets and daily dosage sachets.


SHOTS. Let us make your liquid product into shots for mass-market distribution.



ORGANIC. We are certified organic and can help make your product organic.



PEPTIDES. A new trend in cosmetics is to use peptides in a topical preparation. We know how.


NEW! MELTS. Many consumers have difficulty swallowing tablets and capsules. An orally-dissolving melt tablet is a great alternative.




QUALITY CONTROL. Our chemists analyze raw materials before we use them in a product. They also test a finished product before we release it. Based on these tests, we can guarantee the identity, purity, strength and composition of your dietary supplement.


FULFILLMENT. We offer fullfillment to our customers. This includes shipments direct to consumers, wholesale orders and pallets to distributor distribution centers.


PLANT TOUR. If you are visiting the Tampa Bay area, we invite you to tour our facilities. You'll see the process of making beverages and dietary supplements from start to finish.

FDA COMPLIANT. Our process controls comply with the FDA's regulations for making dietary supplements.  Our plant is inspected by the FDA as well as by State of Florida food safety inspectors.



QC inspectors ensure that SOPs that form our cGMPs are followed during manufacturing. We have independent third-party cGMP certification.


GRAPHIC DESIGN. You can give us your finished layout or just a design idea and our graphics department will take it from there. We also coordinate printing.


EXPORT DOCUMENTATION. Products made by our group are sold in more than 20 countries. We provide documentation needed for foreign product registration, including export certificates, free sales certificates and GMP certification.


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